Success Stories

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Success Story – Purification Rundown

“I had wonderful results on the Purif under Rey’s supervision! I had multiple sunburns run out, one in particular on the bridge of my nose that was very severe. I could feel drug and alcohol reactions turning on and off and reducing as time went on. It gave me a lot of reality on the process as I went along.

The entire time I was in the sauna on the last day, I just kept feeling amazing!

At the end, I had this amazing feeling of power and energy and a strong knowingness that I was done! I feel more confident and relaxed, and more engaged with my environment and people around me. I also feel more alert and aware of my surroundings.

I can also see physical changes. I feel like I’m standing straighter, more in touch with my body, better coordination/reaction, my vision is a little better, my skin and hair look better, etc. I did a checkup with my doctor shortly after completing the Purif and my blood pressure was at a healthy normal level (previously at pre-hypertension to hypertension levels), my bad cholesterol dropped about 30 points and my good cholesterol rose about 10 points! My cholesterol was well within healthy levels (previously borderline at upper end of normal or lower end of high cholesterol).

Most of all I’m just very happy, clear-headed, and high tone! I’m so grateful for undergoing this process and I know it will make a big difference to my mental, spiritual, and physical health.”


Success Story – Dianetics

“I can officially attest that I am a DN clear for the first time (and last!) in my history – as this originally occurred at the completion of my Grade I processing, but was never broached as a subject. Thank you, Rey Robles, for helping to bring this to light so that we may continue on my full path with the certainty that was necessary to proceed towards the success which we’ve postulated separately and together!”


Success Story – 2D Seminar (1st half)

“I realized and understood the importance of spotting someone’s tone level. Too distant on the tone scale is sure trouble. Also the importance of letting the other person know what your goals are and vice versa. Just those two points alone were very eye opening.”


Success Story

“Dianetics Tech and Scientology I feel work, as I feel very good about the level of confront I have acquired; the things I was able to confront through the Intro and Demonstration Processes. I look forward to higher levels of confront. I am happy to have Rey Robles as my auditor.”


Success Story

“Having completed ARC Straightwire I can say that this revealed a wonderful release and healthy state of being that I never have experienced before. Out of all the work I have done in Scientology this has been the most revealing and rewarding step. Thanks again and thank you for this process.”

-Michael Y.

Success Story

“My understanding of why I quit abusing medications, drugs, and alcohol was evident with the processing. I learned how my desire to be drug free was causative to have total freedom from the substances. My wins were varied but mostly added up to freeing myself totally from these afflictions and dead-end tactics. ARC and understanding the breaks enables me to go on with processing knowing drugs are out of the picture.”

-Michael Y.

Success Story – 2D Seminar

“This seminar so far has really bolstered some feelings about my own 2nd Dynamic. I have always known that I couldn’t have a good 2D until my 1st Dynamic is together. What I learned today is that pulling a good 2D in can put a foundation under the 1st Dynamic!”

-Mark P.

Success Story – Communication Course

“I now feel I would be able to better control conversations in many situations. I found the complete acknowledgement part to be a skill I did not have to be able to stop a thought by just a said statement.”

-Marcia T.

Success Story – 1st half of 2D Seminar

“I had a lot of fun! And tremendous more understanding and reality on love – sex – marriage! Very well done, Rey.”

-Mark S.

Success Story

“Number of times over = certainty! My money conditions are definitely looking up! I am enthused about the future in this area. Love the seminars!”

-Mark S.

Success Story

“The time and money management seminar gave us some good ideas. I realize I do some of the basic stuff already. I learned them from being a thrifty manager but I didn’t have all the data necessary to really pull it off. I think I can do it now—we’ll see! Thanks Rey!”

-Mary Ann S.

Success Story

“Very good workshop. I have been doing many of these things for the past few years. But I realized that there have been a number of out points in my money lines. A great review is in order this week. I have been putting this off. This workshop has given me the push to get this done.”


Success Story

“On my PTS RD auditing I’m noticing my comm cycle in life is cleaner with others and much safer. People seem to want to comm with me more and more. Also I cognited that running a “can’t-have” on others and another or others running one can literally ruin lives or a life. In other words ask not for whom the bells toll unless the bells toll for thee. Much thanks to Rey and Leslie for helping in this cognition and for which this wouldn’t have been possible. My honesty level is also coming way up in life. Alter-ising can sometimes get one out of a bad situation however it’s not a way to really enjoy true happiness when it does come a person’s way.”

-Randy A.

Success Story

“It has been 30 years since I started working on my business. In the beginning I started it just because my teacher was doing it. There are many things I have learned from my own experience. But when I wanted to use it, all the time there was some kind of barrier in front of me. So I just couldn’t move into action on it. The basic ideas from the consulting I had this time was actually not so different from the ideas I had from the past. But the win I got from the consulting was, I found out the way to use the ideas for practical use. With the system I have now, I can see the attainment of my goals, plus after some weeks a 30% increase in actual business occurred.”

-Mr. Mori, Tokyo, Japan, Furniture Manufacturing business

Success Story

“I am very pleased with the drug and alcohol rundown. I’m certain in the future no one can influence me to take drugs and booze. I do not need to take any.”

-Gerald C.

Success Story

“Doing the clearing course totally changed and shifted my universe. My life changed and things are so much easier to do and create. The vias and enturbulance are no longer influencing me in my daily life. This level is so important to do and is amazing.”


Success Story – Child Dianetics Seminar

“After attending this seminar, I came away with a much better understanding of my daughter. I now know why she wants so many things and is worried sometimes about losing them. Also how to put her at cause in the correct way. Learning about Pan-Determinism, Self-Determinism, and Other-Determinism, put things/situations in a clearer perspective.”

-Marianne D.

Success Story – Child Dianetics Seminar

“I have a better understanding of children now, because of the seminar. A lot of Tech was given and all of it was very helpful. If you have a chance to go to a seminar like this, go to it, fast!”

-Mike H.

Success Story

“I have been working on the HQS course and one of the drills is about control. Several times while doing the drill I became totally frustrated and upset and jus angry at the whole process, but in the end realized I can always be in control and I can choose to be controlled if I so desire. The really great part was I found at home with my son—the one person in this world who ALWAYS knows exactly which button to push to make me react—I am able to NOT react and keep him moving in the direction I want. I do not have to let him take control by pushing my buttons, but I can choose to not react and keep things moving. So much freedom can come from such a simple thing!”

-Melody A.

Success Story

“For a long time, I had no knowledge that I, as a being, ever went in or out of anything. I of course knew that my body went in and out of things all the time: houses, rooms, cars. As I did the Int Rundown, however, I felt my tension level growing steadily higher. I recalled many memories which I had actually invalidated for myself because they were of me watching myself. I saw myself and others going into bodies, universes, and dimensions. Suddenly, my tension was gone, and I was able to accept going in and out of things as a common and uneventful part of life, just as it is for my body to go in and out of rooms and houses. I reversed my stuck flow!”


Success Story

“Thank you. This level dealt with flows. My flows, snarled up before, smoothed out and released out. My space and havingness increased and continues to stay that way. I noticed I am exterior all the time now. My space is more relaxed, gentle and comfortable. I enjoyed working with these flows. It was unusual auditing and fun loosening up my flows to allow me to open up more space to be able to increase my havingness.”

-Joe A.

Success Story

“Big wins! I got the concept-experience of the game of human (bodies) beginning. Now I’m interested in why the cycle/action began and how I got into it to begin with. I got the spirit of play!”


Success Story

“I am so grateful that Rey is here to help me through the case. This is making the difference for me in what type of future I have. Thank you.”


Success Story – On OT 8

“So far, I am now at “know” on the tone scale. What a great sensation of confidence! I can go where I want to go, do what I want to do. I have complete and utter freedom of choice and I’m not even done with OT 8 yet. Oh yeah, I’m so damn happy!”


Success Story

“It was unbelievable and it was fast! The power of all of us is so tremendous. Doubts? No!”


Success Story

“I’m in a state of serene certainty I’ve never achieved before. I have endless possibility. It’s never been so real before!”


Success Story

“It’s kinda strange, I feel really huge! I feel I could even duplicate the doorknob. I just feel big!! It’s unbelievable—there’s no end.”


Success Story – OT 7 Completion

“Tonight I am blown out. I consider I have had the best auditor possible with Rey to handle that level. We have handled so much and in such an easy manner that it is difficult to describe it in words. Let’s say that if I had been alone to handle it, I do not know if I could have gotten through and if so, it would have taken me an amount of time and troubles that I prefer not to evaluate. The future is now opened in front of me and I just closed 20 years or so of a very enturbulated life, not for the others but for me. My greatest thanks to Rey and to the one we all owe that door to eternity.”


Success Story

“I achieved the state of Dianetic Clear while auditing with Rey Robles. This is a wonderful feeling of achievement for me, with a clear sense of being free of past engrams, of being fully in present time with the ability to be at cause in every aspect of my life. I have found working with Rey Robles as an auditor to be a free-flowing process with great expertise and great handling on his side of the meter.”

-Jack S.

OT 8 Success Story

“To realize the truth of the track and my involvement is astounding! To realize the truth of my track, regarding Scientology, blew me away as well as the charge associated with it. Many questions have been answered as to why things happened and continue to happen and what I can now do to change the future. It’s all in my ball court now or as an old song state, “I’ve got the whole world in my hand!” I have some serious decisions to make regarding the 3D but I will be looking at those decisions without the past interfering with the present and wrong decisions being made.”

– Greg B.

Power Success Story

“It was like an L! Handled valences and feel more of who I really am and I’m OT 8 so that is a lot to say! It is a huge Thata boost to do this. I am free to be myself and sort out for me what is true and what is someone else’s truth. So expand the above paragraph across all the dynamics and there is something to behold. Good luck to all and enjoy the journey!”

-Greg B.

Success Story

“Symbological processing has freed me up as a being. I have never felt so clear of thought and at peace. My perception of my environment is the clearest ever — total 3 dimensional as far as the eye can see. This process is totally right on my case as I recall the incidents. Wow! Thanks Rey”


Success Story – Grade II Completion

“I feel happy and in control of the hostilities and sufferings of life. I learned that I am responsible in those areas where I feel hostile to someone and I can fix that. If someone is hostile to me I can have it and not take it personally. I have space and a calm future to look forward to and I am happy!”


Success Story

“What can I say? I feel that areas of my dynamics have opened up, I am more here, but now more here willingly! The repercussions of which have not hit me yet. This is a fresh start!”


OT 6 Success Story

“I can travel to any location in my mind and locate a person or animal. I can then occupy any body and experience what it is perceiving. I can take on anyone else’s viewpoint and actually feel what that person/animal is feeling. At first, I was viewing myself from inside my body, then from outside. I started viewing others from outside and then began to view things from inside them. I can move in and out of bodies — my own and others.”

Thank you Rey!

“In our life people come and go but every so often someone comes along that you’ll always remember, one who makes learning an adventure and who can still remember what it’s like to be human. The kind of person who can make you want to be the very best you can be. Someone you can really talk to, who really cares what happens to you…that person is YOU! Rey, the role you’ve played in my life these last months has been a priceless part and you must now the special place you hold in my heart because of you I am a better man.”

2D Handling

“I really want to thank Rey and Leslie for having me here and saving my you know what. Boy! Was I one confused puppy prior to arrival. Now as I depart I’ve recaptured my ARC/KRC for other beings. This actually went beyond just a 2D handle to also a 3D handle. I feel enlightened like never before. Life really does become a beautiful thing when you shed serfacs and overts. Wow! Thank you both so much.”


ARC Straightwire

“I have just gotten done with ARC Straightwire and I must say it has changed my outlook on life. I had the time of my life; it’s like I am a new person! Nevertheless, I am able to move on with myself and not feel as I am being held down by so many things that I didn’t know about.”

-Richard M.

Grade 0

“I just finished Grade 0 with Rey Robles. I really enjoyed these processes, especially when we blew some valences. My smell and taste also got stronger and I know no I can communicate with anything or anybody on any subject.”

Jason C.

L-10 Success

“What I got from L-10 is a rehab of willingness. Not directed at any particular thing or in any direction, just existing as this potentiality; “willingness.” Not a lot of words to say about that; how much description of a potentiality can one do? Willingness is also its own description (if any of that makes sense!).”

-Mary W.

Wins on L-10

“I expanded as a being, I feel more like a Thetan. I decided that more people would come into my business, just by postulates and no real marketing, and it happened! I feel bigger and calmer, yet I am in action and doing more.”


Super Power Rundown

“What a great set of processes to increase your power as a Thetan and on the 8th Dynamic. We handled study, ethics, and infinity. I felt like I am one with the universe and I really am immortal. I experienced Serenity of Beingness (Tone 40) and I now understand what it is to be truly Theta! Everybody should do this one!”

-Geraldine D.

Super Power Success

“I came in to do Super Power not knowing what was on it. I was just hoping it would help my case. Well today I have no case! To worry about it just went PUFF! Gone, I don’t care where it went. I’m just glad it’s gone. I can look to the future now. And I have no attention on the past. Thanks Rey!”

-Garry N.

Going Clear Success

“After speaking with you this morning and confirming going Clear I am thrilled and grateful. I now have the ability to cause over mental matter, energy space and time. Last week at work was amazing. I learn things in a very short period of time. Things that used to trouble me greatly seem a minor inconvenience. I know who I am. I would like to thank Leslie and you again for your hospitality and patience with me. I would like for all to have the ability I now have. It is no small thing freedom. It is worth any price. It would be hard for someone to understand this without having an experience of the condition I was in when I first met you and where I am now. I was a wreck a year ago and now I am Clear. Amazing! I have a lot of work ahead of me and I am looking forward to seeing you and Leslie soon. I believe you are doing what Ron intended.”

-Tim R.

Super Power Success

“Many things/phenomena occurred during this rundown. It expended beingness and power but also brought awareness of how I can contribute to the dynamics and they to me. My perceptions are sharper and more defined. Also, how the various flows can create harmony or discord and my power over the flows. I can perceive power and use it across the dynamics. Not just mine, but others too! Thanks Rey for holding your position and being there when I needed you.”

-Tim W.

Power Processes Success

“Whew!! It is such a blowdown to get back my power as a being, but also to understand what happened. Now I can move forward from this power position to help move myself and others further up the downward spiral. Create a draw from the top to change that particular phenomena. Love you all!”

-Tim W.

Super Power and Power Success

“This is probably the most ‘powerful’ auditing I’ve had…meaning the outcome, finding out my purpose in life, literally, explains everything to me. Rey, I can’t thank you enough for this discovery. In fact, this is really why I started Scientology so many years ago. What a gift!”

-Helen E.

L12 Success

“At the end of L12 I was so blown out I was floating. I got in my car and as I started to drive home I started laughing as I realized how much I was agreeing with MEST and society. Halfway home I saw a road sign for the freeway off ramp telling trucks to slow down or they could roll over and the thought of gravity made me laugh so hard I tears rolling down my cheeks and could hardly breathe, let alone drive. I AM TOTALLY FREE! Agreement had me in a straight jacket. Agreement is the source of and driving factor of the dwindling spiral, not force. This is what I missed and misunderstood. Wow! Rey, thanks!”

-John M.

L10 Success

“My whole perspective on living life has changed from fear and obedience or following the blind agreement of being only a body with all of its frailties and weaknesses, to I am a Thetan. My viewpoint and reality is now I am a Thetan with all of the endless possibilities and freedom to play any game to live and have fun above and beyond the narrow limitations and form of being only a MEST body. I am ME, not a body. I am a Thetan with endless potential. I am not MEST, I am above and can control MEST.”

-John M.

Success Story

“Gaining more and more cause as myself — dragging off valence and other determinism in huge chunks. My future is so much more mine to create. Being in charge of my own emotions and feelings is so muc more survival. This auditing is really just like advertised in the briefings. It just zeroes in on me and allows me to blow charge in huge chunks. Can’t wait to do more!”

-C. S.

Success Story

“I blew a huge influence on my track which was literally weighing me down and in some cases even trying to kill me. The auditing is great. The easy comm cycle with the auditor and knowing he knows the Tech and how to apply it makes a huge difference in the speed and size of gains. Thanks for being here. Can’t wait for more!”



“What changes! I love being addressed as a being. It’s such a validation of being ‘me.’ I got a look at how the bank is formed and how implants work to keep me keeping myself keyed in. I blew a mechanism whereby I was doomed to continually introvert myself and make myself wrong at every turn. While this L addressed havingness, I feel myself so far being stripped of case that inhibits my beingness. I really also blew a major false datum as regards my body and my relationship to it. Ridges are just falling away and my certainty of self and my ability to just ‘be’ are coming way up. And, more importantly to me, I blew not one but two overts I’ve been committing on self and others.”


L11 Rundown Success

“A description of L11 states: ‘With major aberrations blown, you find yourself with a new life…’ The only thing that I would change is that I would capitalize, in gigantic letters, the words MAJOR and NEW. There was a huge — and I mean HUGE — amount of aberrations that were blown out on this rundown. I got the biggest wins EVER. This rundown is every bit the powerful process that it is made out to be. Thanks for making it available to those of us who would never have been able to get this rundown otherwise. The L’s are incredibly powerful and I would encourage those that are ready for them to DO them.”

-Paul M.

L10 Success

“I finished L10 today and Rey announced me to the group and I had trouble summing up my wins. Later I thought about this and realized I had just got rid of so many huge things that were blocking me, stopping me and keeping me down, that I was completely changed, such that I had difficulty describing the change. The change and wins from L10 are so VAST, so BIG, that I am no longer the same as before L10. That me is just gone and I am now more the real me and I know this. I am so much more m real Thetan self that to describe the wonderful benefit of L10 is to say I am me. I am my true Thetan self and what I was yesterday or last week is as-is, is gone.”

-J. M.

L11 Success

“Today I looked at and confronted how I was holding myself back. I was continuing to hold onto the junk that was enslaving me and making me think I was MEST, instead of a free immortal Theta being. I started to let go of and as-is the lies and false data and beliefs I was holding onto and living my life by and started laughing. Wow, do I feel different, do I feel better! A huge black dense mass is just gone. I have changed so much I think it will take me awhile to get used to it and experience just how wonderful life really is. Thanks Rey.”

-J. M.

Success Story

“L12 gave me moments of serenity. What more do I need to say? Wouldn’t you like your ability to go to Tone 40 increased if not so inhibited? Rey’s auditing was the best I’ve ever had. L11 + L10 + L12 = new man.”

-Fred. A.

More Wins

“Today I discovered why I’m always choosing to play 2nd fiddle in a game instead of 1st. I’ve always felt it was ‘safer’ but now I see why I felt this way. More chunks of my track have now been freed up to my inspection. This means more knowledge so therefore more responsibility follows and now I can exert more effective control into my life. I feel so much more freed of my own self created fear. I am more willing to be ‘seen’ and heard — much less reason to hide. A long term condition I’ve been working on of liability to myself I now feel is complete.”

-C. S.

Ready for a New Game

“What a relief! I’m primed for a new game — the “new life rundown” — very appropriately named. More hope for the future and a knowingness that I can change my destiny and not hamper myself from achieving. K.R.C. The basics — so much more real to me — the real me. Thank you for helping me to see.”

-C. S.

Wins on the L’s

“I finished the L’s two days ago. I did all 3 L’s in a row over a 3 week period and I need all 3 weeks to settle and recollect myself from all the major life-altering wins. I finished the last L and went home and back to my old job and went through the motions of my old life routine, but it did not work. How I lived, what I thought, what I was interested in before the L’s is no longer relevant, no longer possible, no longer important. In L11 I understood and I saw how far I have fallen from my true nature of a Thetan.

The most unexpected and shocking thing was realizing that it was not implants that imprisoned me and made me a helpless human — it was me! I limited myself over time from an immortal creative being to a mortal feeble human. Like the addict that finally understood they need help, I understood my true self and abilities and the work I need to do to recover from the depths I have descended to as a human body. I felt overwhelmed for a moment but realized I was at bottom.  I was not going to go any lower and I have the Tech and help to unfold my wings and soar into a rebirth of my actual Theta self. Thank you, Rey!”

-J. M.

OT 3 Success

“I really feel more like me with no hidden influences. My space is much bigger. It was a great experience and training to audit on this level. My attention no longer needs to be stuck in or on that area of the track.”

-Terry R.

Success Story

“This has been a really cool and important addition to going up the bridge for me. Starting with the stability gained in Power, doing RGEW was fun. Now with the C.C. I have certainty that I am clear in a higher condition and using multiple definitions (i.e. Dianetic and Scientology Clear). It’s cool Tech and I’m glad I did it. Thanks Rey!”

-Terry R.

Success Story L10

“After a flurry of activity over 11 days, today I completed L10. Now this was surely one of the best levels I’ve ever had. I had plenty of good cognitions. Then there were truly fundamental and unsuspected new insight type big cognitions. And finally, there were a couple of shattering, what-do-you-know, life-changing cognitions! Really the biggest part of it concerns how I held myself back, made myself smaller or more inactive on the various dynamics. I feel much more stable and confident (and believe me, I was already pretty stable and confident before).

As a little added extra, I found out some more data about my track and last but not least about my mission on this planet. I am very happy to have done the training to deliver the L10 at the same time and will be able to make it possible for others to have such wins (actually have already started to do so). Thanks a million to Rey who made it possible for me to find out about this awesome Tech and open a whole new chapter regarding auditing and probably also regarding my life, and who really is an L-10 auditor! And to his group who helped me do this in such a friendly environment, and certainly to Ron — how the heck could he find out such stuff? Amazing!”